Potted Plant Pot Riser Stand - Black
- L12-7/8" x W9-1/2" x H1-1/8"
- brand new
- $10 firm (pot stand only, no planter pot included)
- Lifts pots to allow airflow
- Improves drainage
- Reduces staining to wooden floors and decks
- Supports pots up to 15.5" / 40 cm
- Break sections off to adjust size
This new, easy-to-use product eliminates the staining problems that potted plants can cause. Moisture that accumulates under pots, from condensation or overfilling the tray, is what causes the rot and staining. The Down Under Plant Stand® lifts pots allowing airflow underneath to evaporate this moisture -- eliminating the damage caused to carpets, wooden floors, decks and patios.
Great for Outdoors! It protects decks and patios from stains and rot while stopping the build-up of dirt and insects, and reduces costly maintenance.
The diameter of The Down Under Plant Stand® can be reduced by simply snapping or cutting off the ends of its supporting arms. When placed under a pot, it becomes virtually invisible and gives the illusion that the pot is still sitting on the deck or floor.