A Girlfriend's Guide to Online Mating

Sex and the City meets He's Just Not That Into You - with the online slant. I promise it will make you laugh, even if you've never participated in online dating.
Everyone knows someone who needs to read this book!?But what if I fall in love with Mr. Right for One Night??
?Oh man, I think I just met a Rusty Corolla Dude. Now what??

It may seem like a foreign language, but if you're looking for love online, you will need to be able to speak it, and you'll need to know the answers. CLICK will tell you the truth about the ups and downs, frustrations and realities of the erratic world of online dating.
Ready to give up? Don?t. Ten years, over thirty-six thousand e-mails, flirts, smiles, and winks, hundreds of phone conversations and coffee dates, even a relationship or two ? like millions, Diane has been there, done that, and everything you?ll learn is based on her own experience.
Nobody else in the online dating world is going to tell you about the three-point disability, how to spot the defect and return the goods, or how to deal with a borderline boy---but Diane will. Meet higher quality men, and take charge of your online dating experiences, starting now.
Millions of women are looking for love online. The competition is fierce, and you need an edge. So grab that mouse, take charge of your destiny, and let's get CLICKing.